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How newsletters help building a great company culture

In my last couple of blog posts I mentioned newsletters as a great way to share what happens in your company. Of course, they’re just a tool. So there are right ways to use them, and, well, less right ways.

A couple of years ago the CEO of very big company gave a speech. He talked about what actions he did to change the company’s culture. I have to admit, he did quite a bit. One of the actions was a weekly newsletter. He actually spent two hours each Sunday to write it, sharing what was happening in the company…

How to grow a thriving development culture

A lot of companies I visited have a thriving development culture where things like sharing knowledge and organizing meetups are the rule, not the exception. When I ask about it, I always get the same answer: “We only hire people who believe experimenting en cooperation are important.” In other words: They didn’t create a culture, it was a logical consequence…